Choosing The Perfect Vessel for Waterborne Adventures

Dave Hebeda

Many individuals struggle to find their ideal boat. There are simply too many to choose from! But those who decide how they want to experience their newfound hobby will have a much easier time.

From fishing to day cruises to watersports to family joyrides, Dave Hebeda explains that there is a perfect boat for everybody.

For Fishing

The boats below are perfect for those wanting to spend some time doing on-water fishing.

  • All-purpose fishing boats — People casting anything and everything should choose the all-purpose model. It boasts extreme versatility.
  • Bass boats — Fishermen targeting bass should opt for this ultra-specialized floating machine.
  • Center consoles — Saltwater anglers can’t get enough of the flexibility offered by center consoles. Fitting 12 people, the space provided is ideal for fishing, but can double-up as a family vessel.

For Watersports

Everything from riding massive waves on a wakeboard to sailing in all sorts of conditions can be achieved with the boats below:

  • Cuddy cabins — If a cruiser and a bowrider had a baby, cuddy cabins would be it. Combining the respective versatility and agility, these eight-passenger trailerable boats have storage for sport gear but aren’t designed for overnight stays.
  • Personal watercrafts (PWCs) — Easy to own and oh-so-thrilling to ride, these three-passenger crafts are quick, agile, and performs like a motorbike on water. It’s perhaps the most affordable way for boating wannabes to dip their toes into the water.
  • Sailboats — Made solely for those wanting to learn the ins and outs of sailing, sailboats offer rewarding on-the-water journeys in an environmentally friendly man. There are a few different types to choose from, including day-sailers and performance racers.
  • Ski boats/wake boats — As the name implies, these boats are perfect for adrenaline-fueled water skiers or wakeboarders. The vessels have come a long way, implementing new technology that make some perfect for wake surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or all three.
Dave Hebeda

For Family Joyrides

Regardless of a family’s size, boating can be enjoyed together with these boats with deck space galore!

  • Bowriders — Though unloved by powerboat purists, bowriders are the feel-good leisure vessels every family adores. Fitting nine passengers, it’s lightweight, shallow, and flighty for easy use and optimal efficiency.
  • Deck boats — With a maximum capacity of 14 passengers, the 18-28ft-long boat is perfect for large families. Boasting tons of deck space, it provides more seating and stowage than bowriders.
  • Jet boats — Fitting up to ten passengers, today’s jet boats are made for families. With no propeller to worry about, pulling up to sandbars for a kid-friendly splash is a breeze.
  • Pontoon boats — They used to be a simple, box-esque floating vehicle, but that’s a thing of the past. Modern pontoons are dubbed “the luxury pleasure-boat,” making them great for family day trips.

For Cruising

Whether weekend-ing it or going for a day crews, people will love the following:

  • Cabin cruisers — Consider them the mini vacation homes of the boating world. The 20-40ft-long vessels comfortably contain ten passengers, ensuring the whole family can go on adventures. It’s perfect for day and weekend cruises.
  • Trawlers — These slow-and-steady boats are loved by a small but passionate cruising community. Imitating commercial fishing trawlers, the domestic models are built with range and comfort in mind.
David Hebeda
David Hebeda